Hello, I'm Cristina Horvath.

My photography business name is based on my own name (last 3 letters of my surname - ath - and my first name - ina - put together = athina).

I’ve been practising, experimenting and learning about photography since 2004 when my father bought me my very first DSLR camera. I went on to get two degrees in art history, and as part of my BA degree I took several photography and history of photography courses which I absolutely loved and that really sparked my passion for photography. My knowledge and love of art history influences my photography style and you might notice that some of my work can have a very artistic or painted appearance. I enjoy using digital post-processing to give my photography that final touch of drama and artistry. Each piece is a labour of love!

I hope that you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoyed making it, and if I can help with any query you may have or if you have a custom request, I’d be delighted to talk to you about it.



“I instantly felt comfortable in Cristina's presence. It didn't take me long to warm up and feel very relaxed and at home behind the camera. I am so happy with the results, they truly are extraordinary photos. The atmosphere she has captured through the lighting and the raw incorporation of nature are magical. Without me even saying what I wanted to capture through a photo she captured it. Many thanks again, Cristina.”